Frequently Asked Questions page

Technology Frequently Asked Questions 

Below is a list of frequently asked questions regarding the use of tech devices at BRE.

How will teachers and students use the devices?

It is important to understand that a computer could never take the place of a teacher. However, computers greatly improve a teacher's ability to address inpidual needs and better personalize student learning. Our staff will continue to receive professional development on the latest research-based teaching practices, including techniques that utilize technology for differentiation, collaboration, and communication

How will you balance technology and face-to-face interactions

While we want to harness technology as an instructional resource, we also place tremendous value on fact-to-face interactions. As part of DCSD's Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum, our teachers incorporate the 4C's on a daily basis. In other words, as students are using technology to deepen their learning, they are still participating in dialogue with teachers and classmates. Students will also continue to experience opportunities that step away from the screen both inside their classroom and out.

How will you keep students focused with the technology around?

Keeping student focused and on task is part of every classroom. Teacher's will be monitoring student's with their use of the technology throughout the day to ensure students are working on their assigned tasks, no different than they do at any other time in the classroom.

Will technology replace books at BRE?

Absolutely NOT! Our students need the ability to interact with different types of print media. There is no replacement for young students holding books in their hands and turning the pages. We are committed to maintaining our library of print books for our students. With that said, we do have the availability for students to check out ebooks to use on these school devices or their own personal devices. Contact Mrs. Robinson or Mrs. Harmon to learn more about doing so.

Will students still learn fine motor skills and penmanship? 

The use of iPads and laptops will not replace the need for students to learn handwriting as well as to develop their fine motor skills. Handwriting will still be an integral part of a student's day at BRE. The only different is, they will have access to technology when appropriate. With the addition of the devices, students will also be able to develop their typing skills along with their handwriting.

What is your policy around screen time for students?

As a school, we will be careful to balance the amount of screen time students have with other interactions within the classroom. Although the devices will be available to students all day long, that does not mean they will be using them all day long. There will still be times when students are writing, solving math on paper, reading books, working in groups, etc. These devices are a resource and students will not be in front of them all day.

What is your Acceptable Use Policy?

There are specific guidelines surrounding technology use in the DCSD Student Code of Conduct. We have also developed a student-friendly technology agreement.

What is Digital Citizenship?

Digital Citizenship is the use of appropriate and responsible behavior regarding technology. We will incorporate lessons designed to educate students around cyberbullying, online safety, privacy, and more. These lessons will take place in the classroom. 

How will my child’s activity on the device be supervised throughout the day?

As with any school behavior, teachers will actively monitor classrooms and student activity throughout the day. Students are expected to use their device ONLY for academic purposes. The district does provide a firewall to block inappropriate content, but there is no guarantee that it will stop everything. Part of our digital citizenship lessons will instruct students what to do if they do come across something that is inappropriate.

Will the school use filters to protect my child from unacceptable websites?

When students are on the school district network, we have a firewall in place that limits availability to social media and flagged websites. Also, within the school firewall, Google Safe Search is on at all times helping to limit search results. 

Will students learn troubleshooting skills?

Although not specifically taught as part of lessons, students will undoubtedly learn many different ways to troubleshoot their devices. This could be through interactions with a teacher when they come to a snag or when a student is problem solving a new solution on their own.

Will students be able to take these devices home?

At this time, we do not have a plan for students to take these devices home, but this is something we would like to research further for those families that would need the use of a device at home for students to complete school work.