Our Curriculum

At Buffalo Ridge, we believe in a well rounded academic experience with high expectations for our students.  We use the Colorado Academic Standards when looking at specific content for each subject and grade level.  Through our instruction we will offer students the ability to apply their newly gained knowledge through a variety of experiences.  One of these experiences is our Student Showcases that happens twice a year.  

We also emphasize the use of the 4C's in our school  We believe that Creativity, Critical Thinking, Communication and Collaboration are essential to the success of each student.  You will see the use of these 4C's throughout all of our educational practices.  

Thinking Maps
We are in our first year of implementing Thinking Maps with all of our students Kindergarten through 5th Grade.  Thinking Maps are consistent visual patterns linked directly to eight specific thought processes.  By visualizing our thinking, we create concrete images of abstract thoughts.  These patterns help all students reach higher levels of critical and creative thinking.  Please visit our Thinking Maps page for more information on this program and our implementation.  

We have our Curriculum organized in two different ways on the site.  One is by Grade Level and one is by Content Area.  

You will find curriculum defined on the pages below.

Curriculum by Grade Level Curriculum by Academic Content Area