One to One Devices

Students today need to be proficient in the digital world we live in today by utilizing student appropriate technology tools and resources. This will help prepare them for a future that we can not predict. In a means to this end, we are taking steps to get a device in the hands of every student at Buffalo Ridge. This allows our teachers to "open the playbook" and empower teachers as they implement different instructional strategies within their classrooms. In no means is using technology in the classrooms with our students a replacement for paper books, fine motor skills of writing, or teacher interactions with students.

Our desired outcome is to increase student engagement, learning and differentiation for the unique learners within all of our classrooms. This initiative to get a device (Chromebook 2-5, iPad K-1) in the hands of every student encourages the evolution from being textbook readers to worldwide researchers, empowers students to take control of their own personalized learning, and enables students to use their understanding of technology for the betterment of their education. These devices also help facilitate collaboration and communication while revolutionizing learning.

We use iPads for our Kindergarten and 1st grade students and Chromebooks for 2nd - 5th Graders. 

We monitor the use, implementation, and maintenance of this program to keep our students moving in the right direction.

Why These Devices  Digital Citizenship and Online Safety
After research, as a school we have selected Chromebooks for 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th Grade while choosing iPads for Kindergarten and 1st.

For our intermediate classrooms, the majority of the work students are doing are either in their Google account (Drive, Docs, GoogleClassroom, etc) or utilizing websites. The Chromebook, although not a traditional computer offers a fully functional web browser and seamless integration of the afore mentioned Gmail accounts. These are all resources teacher are working to use on a regular basis with the devices we currently have. The Chromebook is great for accessing these instructional resources, contain a full keyboard, and are at an affordable price point.

Within our primary classrooms, students needs are met by using Apps and the ease of use of the touchscreen tablet. Some examples of Apps are apps with interactive books, the ability of students to record voice and video, as well as explore different content. The iPads are very durable, are very intuitive for students using the touch screen, and the majority of our students have a familiarity with them.
Part of our initiative is a focused and intentional effort to teach students about the appropriate use of technology. Students will learn about digital citizenship, cyberbullying, online safety/privacy as well as communication skills. We are incorporating lessons and ideas from Common Sense Media while teaching these concepts in class.

Common Sense Media offers Student/Parent Contracts around technology use at home as well. We highly recommend parents print, review, and sign these with their students. 

Family Device Contract
Family Media Agreement
Student Gmail Accounts Student Technology Use Agreement
Student gmail accounts allow them to utilize Google docs, presentations, sites, and other functions regularly used in our classrooms. Students and teachers use this functionality on a daily basis.

Our student gmail accounts are also a "walled garden" that allow us to have these accounts for students, but maintain online security. See the link below to get more details on this security approach works to protect our students.

"Walled Garden" student Gmail accounts

The students utilize these accounts on a daily basis and are integral to our technology use.
Part of using this technology is also teaching responsible use of these devices. As a school we are incorporating lessons and ideas from Common Sense Media that are grade level appropriate for our students. 
As part of our 1 to 1 plan, your student's teacher will email you the 2022-2023 Technology Agreement for you to read through and sign.  This form will remain on file for the duration of the school year.