Specials Schedule

Our specials schedule for the year is below.  See the key in the right hand column to see which letter your class follows.  
Date Art Music P.E. *Dates in red denote short weeks
Aug 7-9 A B C GROUP A
Aug 12-16 C A B K-Estrada
Aug 19-23 B C A 1st-Andrew
Aug 26-30 A B C 2nd-Sedersten
Sept 3-6 C A B 3rd-Shaffner
Sept 9-13 B C A 4th-Montgomery
Sept 16-19 A B C 5th-Powers
Sept 23-27 C A B GROUP B
Sept 30-Oct 4 B C A K-Rumminger
Oct 7-11 A B C 1st-Byrd
Oct 14-18 FALL BREAK 2nd-McGuire
Oct 21-25 C A B 3rd-DiLoreto
Oct 28-Nov 1 B C A 4th-Jaramillo
Nov 4-8 A B C 5th-Parker
Nov 12-15 C A B GROUP C
Nov 18-22 B C A K - Gale
Nov 25-29 THANKSGIVING BREAK 1st-Corbetta
Dec 2-6 A B C 2nd-Chastain
Dec 9-13 C A B 3rd-Henderson
Dec 16-19 B C A 4th-Hartman
Dec 20-Jan 6 WINTER BREAK 5th-Chartier
Jan 7-10 A B C
Jan 13-17 C A B
Jan 21-24 B C A
Jan 27-31 A B C
Feb 3-7 C A B
Feb 10-13 B C A
Feb 18-21 A B C
Feb 24-28 C A B
Mar 2-6 B C A
Mar 9-13 A B C
Mar 23-27 C A B
March 30-Apr 3 B C A
Apr 6-10 A B C
Apr 13-15 C A B
Apr 20-24 B C A
Apr 27-May 1 A B C
May 4-8 C A B
May 11-15 B C A
May 18-22 A B C