Math Olympiad

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Created in 1977 by Dr. George Lenchner, an internationally known math educator, the Math Olympiads went public in 1979.  Last year nearly 170,000 students from 6,000 teams worldwide participated in the Olympiads.  All 50 states and about 30 other countries were represented.  

Students at Buffalo Ridge in grades 4 and 5 have the opportunity to participate in Math Olympiad as a part of their math curriculum.  Last year our students worked very hard and one of our very own 5th graders won the District Level challenge. 

Here are a few reasons Buffalo Ridge chooses to participate in the Olympiads: 
  • To stimulate enthusiasm and a love for Mathematics
  • To introduce and enrich important mathematical concepts
  • To teach major strategies for problem solving
  • To develop mathematical flexibility and resiliency for problem solving
  • To strengthen mathematical intuition
  • To foster mathematical creativity and ingenuity
  • To provide for the satisfaction, joy and thrill of meeting challenges

To learn more about Math Olympiad please visit their website, found here.

For the Problem of the Month, click here.  

For further questions, please reach out to Lisa Conner, Gifted & Talented Facilitator.