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We publish a monthly newsletter that is emailed to our parent community. We also post the newsletters here and archive previous issues. Our newsletters are published August through May of each school year.

November 2021

Dear BRE Family,

Over the past week, I made a purposeful effort to reflect and analyze our progress through the first semester, and I find myself overwhelmed with excitement and gratitude. This school year has been nothing short of amazing.  As a staff, the collective efficacy within our building has dramatically increased as our teachers continue to work in professional learning communities.  Each week, teams of teachers meet to analyze student work, monitor student progress, and plan differentiated instruction to meet the unique needs of all students. 

In addition to meeting the academic needs of our learners, the staff at Buffalo Ridge Elementary has continued to refine and improve our social and emotional supports from a systematic level to proactively support the needs of our student body.  These improvements include establishing a Multi Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) team that meets regularly to discuss student needs, creating interventions that support the student before student irregularities, and monitoring our students’ social and emotional progress to ensure the interventions are effective. 

A HERD (Academic Excellence, Honesty, Empathy, Respect, and Dedication) behaviors can be seen and felt throughout the building. Our recent food drive was a huge success, and as a school, we were able to collect and donate over 100 backpacks for students in need.  When entering the classroom, one will witness student engagement, collaboration, and student inquiry.  Our students are committed to their learning journey, and our teachers are passionate about improving their teaching practices to improve student learning. 

As a community, we’ve been able to reopen our doors and allow parents and volunteers back into the classroom.  From field day, to the book fair, to our annual Halloween parade, Buffalo Ridge Elementary has felt complete with adults back in the building. Our students benefit from your support, and our teachers appreciate your time.  To be honest, our school runs better with volunteers in the building, and words cannot express how thankful I am to have stakeholders back in BRE.  

When I reflect upon the first semester, pride fills my body, and thankfulness consumes my thoughts.  I am so appreciative to be the principal of Buffalo Ridge Elementary, and I genuinely believe there is no greater school in the world. I am humbled to lead this school, and I am thankful to call this place home.  Thank you for entrusting me with your kids, and thank you for believing in me.  

Jen and Rob

Jen Rob Thanksgiving Pic