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We publish a monthly newsletter that is emailed to our parent community. We also post the newsletters here and archive previous issues. Our newsletters are published August through May of each school year.

August Newsletter 2020


Dear BRE Family, 

The old saying that “hindsight is 20/20” has taken on a whole new meaning.  Student cohorts, asynchronous instruction, and eLearning opportunities have pushed my schema as a leader and have forced me to think outside of the box.  To be honest, I have a hard time turning my brain off at night.  Dr. Thelen, the BRE staff, and I have spent countless hours strategizing, hypothesizing, and planning for every possible scenario that COVID-19 could send our way.  It is a responsibility that I don’t take lightly, and one that is ever-evolving and continuously challenging. 

With that said, my bucket was instantly filled as I heard the laughter of children fill the hallways. The hardest part about working in a pandemic is the isolation.  I missed the relationships, I missed the kids, and I missed my colleagues. It feels so good to have people back in the building, and even though hybrid learning limits the time I can spend with our students and I miss our eLearners dearly, I am so thankful to have kids back at BRE.  No matter what platform your child is working with, please know we are here to support in any way possible. 

Our Orientation week was nothing short of wonderful. We were able to implement new systems and get our students comfortable with the various changes that have taken place. Orientation presented our teachers with an awe-inspiring opportunity to connect with their students on a social, emotional, and academic level so they can hit the ground running. It’s amazing how much accomplished with a quarter of our kids each day! 

Our parents also deserve a HUGE HEARD SHOUT OUT for their help and support. We realize change is not easy, BUT.... you have been ROCKING student drop off. 

A few safety reminders.  If you pull into the drop off loop before 8:20 am, please do NOT let your kids out of the car.  Instead, we kindly request that you wait for one of our staff members to open the vehicle door and escort your child to the school building. This system will ensure social distancing guidelines are met and will better ensure the safety and security of our students and staff.  

As always, please know that Rob and I are here to help in ANY WAY possible. No question is too small, no problem is too big. BRE Patrol, we’re on the roll (insert Ryder’s voice from Paw Patrol).


Jen and Rob

Jen and Rob