Buffalo Ridge Educational Alliance


The Buffalo Ridge Educational Alliance (BREA) is our Parent-Teacher Organization designed to support the staff, students and community of Buffalo Ridge.

The Objectives of the BREA shall be:
-To foster positive relationships between home, Buffalo Ridge Elementary and community
-To foster communication between teachers, staff and parents
-To facilitate the funding of appropriate activities that support the BREA objectives

Upcoming Events:                                                             
Nov. 29th-Dec. 14th
The 2nd Annual Holiday Giving Project

               The 2nd Annual Holiday Giving Project for the Staff and Faculty at BRE is a great way to do something extra special during the holiday season for those people who are so important to our children's education and lives.

               The Holiday Giving Project is intended to allow families to conveniently express their appreciation and gratitude to members of the BRE Faculty and Staff.  This includes every single person that works in the building.  The teachers who work diligently in the classroom; the cleaning crew who helps keep our school clean; the food personnel who deal with chaos in the lunchroom; the aides who make sure the kids are safe on the playground; the office staff who help our children when they are hurt or sick; and anyone else that you feel is contributing to the health and education of our children.

               Simply fill out the form and return the donation, cash only, in the RED envelope to the front office or teacher between Nov. 29th-Dec. 14th.

                Cash donations only, please.  All donations (cash only!) should be submitted in the RED envelopes provided.  CASH only is the easiest way to handle the division of the money.  You decide how much you want to give to any or all staff members at BRE.  No donation is too small.  Remember that even $1, when combined with donations from other families, will make a lovely and generous gift.

                Room Parents have NOT collected money for this project.  Check with your Room Parent if you are confused about collected funds.  **This is an optional project and you're welcome to have your child choose an individual gift for their respective teacher.**

Finally, a card of thanks along with the cumulative cash gift, and the names of the families giving gifts to that particular staff member, will be given to each staff member.  The dollar amounts will not be noted next to your name.

                 If you need to print the information sheet and staff giving sheet, please go here to print.  https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BxPg1BTlOtFELXZIMGJGenBQUE1nRE40NEVHZzVqUmNvTl9J/view?usp=sharing

                If you have any questions, please email
         kimberlyamulligan@gmail.com or Jennifer.munro@yahoo.com 

                           Happy Holidays from the BREA!
Spirit Rock

               Parents, Students & Staff have the opportunity to "Rent the Rock" to recognize a student's birthday, show school spirit, thank or recognize a teacher or staff member, congratulatory events, etc.  It is a great way to spread positive messages and increase excitement in our community! $25 during the school year and $25 during the summer.  100% of your donation goes to BREA.  Payments are accepted online through PayPal at this link or by check payable to BREA.  Checks must be dropped off to the front office prior to the rental date - with your name & date written in the memo.

King Soopers Card

Why not let a percentage of the money you are already spending go towards supporting the BREA?  Keep using your King Soopers Cards as we get 5% back from these cards.  Last year we raised $5557 from King Soopers Cards and to date we have raised $1700If you need a card, please email Kim VanAuken, kcvan75@gmail.com or see Christy Smith at the front desk. 

Important Dates:

Nov. 29th-Dec. 14th
The Holiday Giving Project

            Please find the BREA General Meeting Presentation that occurred on Oct. 26, 2017 in the Learning Commons here.

Jen Munro (jennifer.munro@yahoo.com)

Kim Mulligan (kimberlyamulligan@gmail.com)

BREA Co-Presidents, 2017-2018 School Year