Science Fair

8th Annual BRE Science Fair!

BRE MISSION: CURIOSITY - 8th Annual Science Fair, Friday, April 26th

Students, what are you “curious” about … space, electricity, chemistry, volcanoes, animals, plants, physics, molecules, magnets?  How can you answer your “curiosity” with a Demonstration, an Experiment, or an Invention? Bring your curiosity and your project and come be a part of our 8th annual BRE Science Fair on Friday, April 26th.

The Science Fair is open to all BRE students who complete and turn in an application. Students can choose to participate individually, with a partner or in a team of up to 3 people. Science Fair Information packets are available on the BRE website, at this link, and at the BRE front office. The preferred application method is online; but be sure to review the Science Fair Information packet which includes requirements, judging criteria and as well as an application that can be printed and submitted to the BRE front office. All applications, whether submitted electronically or printed, are due on Tuesday, April 2rd. The BREA Science Committee will review applications and contact students/families via email with approval or will work with the student(s) to get an approved project. We want all students to join the Fair and have a self-rewarding experience!

Need ideas or help getting started on a project? Join us for SCIENCE FAIR IDEA & HELP NIGHT on TUESDAY, MARCH 26th from 3:30pm to 5:30pm.  Students who chose to attend this optional event must be accompanied by an adult.  Students who need a little help getting started can visit with science-minded helpers to get assistance with project ideas or just getting started.