Kindergarten Enrichment

Kindergarten Enrichment is a program offered to our AM kindergarten students. This program offers a full day of school to our AM kindergarteners when parents either need their student to attend all day or would like to begin lengthening their day to prepare for 1st Grade.

Kindergarten Enrichment is designed to complement the kindergarten classroom by providing kindergarten-aged children with activities in language, mathematics, creative arts, science, social studies, social living, and motor skills. Children have opportunities for reading and writing, asking questions, seeking answers, and critical thinking.  The learning model is both teacher-directed and child-initiated. Learning objectives are based on the standards provided by the Colorado Department of Education, Early Learning Standards for Kindergarten.

Our Kindergarten Enrichment program is also available to other students in our community (Non Buffalo Ridge kindergarteners) that meet age and registration requirements.

This program is under the direction of Mrs. Duran and Mr. Brandt as part of our B.A.S.E. program.

For more information, please refer to the B.A.S.E. website or email Mrs. Duran or Mr. Brandt.